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Just a few samples of orders from previous years.

Contact us to see what we can “create” for you!

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[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”17″ gal_title=”Bar Mitzva”]

Rosh Hashana

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”22″ gal_title=”Rosh Hashanah”]



All size packages available

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Please note: Our B’datz kitchen is pareve only!

Anything dairy is by special order only, and is baked in our home kitchen with B’datz ingredients. These packages do not get our regular card with the B’datz symbol.

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 – see also chocolate section –

Add a :

 – balloon

 – mug

 – tiny teddy bear “thinking of you”

 – medium teddy bear 

 – larger teddy

 – any other idea you would like!

Add chocolates to any package!

Whatever the occasion, it’s classy, delicious, and sure to be appreciated!

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[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”33″ gal_title=”Chocolate Arrangements”]

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[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”35″ gal_title=”Thinking of you”]

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”15″ gal_title=”Gifts”]

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”20″ gal_title=”Healthy Packages”]

Also available:

 – assorted muffins

 – whole wheat mezonos

 – spelt mezonos

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Sukkos Menu 5780



–  Our trademark Chocolate Babka –

with its rich chocolate filling running through the center and a scrumptious streusel topping –

YUM! (baked in a long loaf pan) $14, two for $25

–  Our famous Cinnamon buns –

soft, sweet, and simply heavenly! A real comfort treat!

(Approximately 8 in a container.) $14 or 2 for $25


–  Homestyle Chocolate chip cookies  –

soft and chewy – truly a homemade taste!

(approximately 12 nice sized cookies in a container) $12


–  FABULOUS layered chocolate cake with nougat cream –

three layers of our velvety rich chocolate cake – simply scrumptious!!

Layered with nougat cream, this cake is a real winner! sold as a log – $25


–    Oatmeal chocolate chip (or craisins and white chips) squares   

a delicious and fun treat – it’s even healthy, too!

sold in a 9×13 pan cut into squares – $28






These ice creams can be gotten in 1 kilo containers (a standard tall container) for $15, or as individual portions in clear dessert cups with syrup or a crunch for $5 apiece.

cappuccino chip, blueberry, maple, lotus, nougat, chocolate brownie


 –         trifles –

a small one serves about 4 (unless one really wants to pack on the calories, then maybe 3) $22

a medium trifle could serve 8 -$44

a large trifle is quite deep, so it’s hard to say how many – probably about 12 portions – $65


–         royal rosemarie pie  

a base of rich chocolate cake baked in a round 9 inch pan, with a layer of rosemarie/ nougat cream topped with a thick, layer of nougat ice cream and a crunch. Rich and delicious, it’s called “royal” for a reason! $29




 – Cherry berry apple crumble –

A fantastic medley of fruit flavors combined for real simchas yom tov! To be served warm as a super side dish or as a dessert with a scoop of our “you’ll never believe its pareve” ice cream – serves approx. 8

crumble alone – $32 /with ice cream – $42


chocolate chip cookie pies 

partially baked in individual mini pans, to be heated before serving together with our maple ice cream. $5 apiece (for the pie and ice cream together)


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