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A touch of home for friends and family overseas

Homebaked goodies under the hashgacha of B’datz Eidah Hachareidis

Delivery available throughout Eretz Yisroel

About Our Cakes

At MELTING BABKA, we take great pride in our top-of-the-line hechsher, our superb customer service, and our fabulous selection of delectable homemade goodies. Our mouthwatering, American style baked goods are lovingly created in our separate, all-pareve kitchen under the hashgacha of the B’DATZ EIDAH HACHAREIDIS OF YERUSHALAYIM.
Unsurpassed kashrus, heimish and personal customer service, and top qualty ingredients, are what set us apart, and mark our name as “the one” to go with!
Who can resist a yummy homemade cinnamon bun dripping with glaze and sticking to your fingers… or a chocolate babka muffin oozing with chocolatey goodness…or a thick slice of velvety rich chocolate cake with praline filling….Just to name a few!!
So go ahead! Spoil those relatives of yours who are so far away, (or yourselves if you are lucky enough to be here for Yom Tov!)
MELTING BABKA….We take the cake!

Excellent Service

Simcha overseas?Feel at ease - We aim to please!Tell us what you'd like to send, the price range - what you're looking to spend...and בס''ד we will arrange a package to suit your needs.

Quality Ingredients

Ask anyone who bakes, to tell you what it takes, to create quality cakes... it's simple! Quality ingredients. At Melting Babka we spare no effort in finding the finest ingredients available, so that we can bring you the finest and tastiest product possible.

Inventive Designs

Wondering why our site has no cart? Cuz by us each arrangement is a work of 'heart'! Wrapped with flair, because we care and... because you deserve it!